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Read about our work in Bhutan, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and Mali.
2011 - 2012

Water and sanitation for 5000 children

In November 2011, Providing Essentials for Children adopted the Bhutan project. Over the coming two years, 5000 children and their schools will benefit from new facilities and hygiene training.

This project includes:

  • Water facilities in 26 schools
  • Sanitation facilities in 38 schools
  • Install 4 rainwater harvesting systems
  • Hygiene training for 154 teachers

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2010 - 2011

Water systems and hygiene education for marginalised communities

In November 2010, Providing Essentials for Children adopted an existing water and sanitation project in Nepal. The project includes the installation of water and sanitation facilities and hygiene education. The project is almost complete. Results are surpassing expectations.

So far achievements include:

  • 79 water systems (installed or modernised)
  • 325 hand pumps installed
  • Over 25,000 people have benefited

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Papua New Guinea
2008 - 2011

Clean drinking water and separate toilets

From 2007 to 2011, Providing Essentials for Children has provided access to clean drinking water and hygiene education to 23,000 people. This includes 13,000 children in 28 schools and 21 rural health clinics. At these schools and clinics, we installed:

  • 254 toilets
  • 106 rain water catchments
  • 69 water taps
We also provided 12 villages with:
  • 9 gravity water systems
  • 18 toilets

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Help for over 43,000 people

Mali was the first Providing Essentials for Children project. Our efforts were focused in the regions of Gao and Mopti. As a result of our involvement:

  • 43,000 children at 165 schools can drink clean water
  • Each school has hygiene education and functioning toilets
  • Separate toilets for boys and girls
  • 370 latrines were installed or rehabilitated
  • Wells and hand-pumps were installed and repaired
  • 315 teachers were given hygiene lessons
  • In 2011, no cases of the Guinea worm have been reported

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