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Dick Bouman, Aqua for All Project Manager
Aqua for All
Dick Bouman, Aqua for All Project Manager
Dick Bouman
Aqua for All
Project Manager
“The committed way in which Wavin is working on social corporate responsibility with the UNICEF water and  sanitation programmes is a key example how water sector companies can contribute to reaching the UN Millennium goals.

It is more than money and materials, it also includes expertise and personal involvement.”
Burundi, House of Peace
House of Peace in Burundi
The House of Peace is a residence for children made orphans by the Burundi Civil War. Wavin raised € 15,000 by selling footballs signed by Italian referee Pierluigi Collina. Aqua for All provided an additional € 15,000 in matching funds

A total of € 30,000 was provided to UNICEF Burundi to support clean water projects for the House of Peace.
Aqua for All The goal of Aqua for All is to establish long lasting partnerships between Dutch water companies and communities in developing countries.

Aqua for All hope approaches the scarcity of drinking water and sanitary facilities in a structural way. They encourage local business development in related area such as: water vending, water filters for homes and sanitation slab construction.

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