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Ge Harmsen, Wavin Project Manager
Paul van Vliet, Unicef Ambassador
Paul van Vliet
Unicef Ambassador
“Thanks to the Wavin employees who raised funds, more children are getting an education. And less are dying from preventable diseases”

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Whoopi Goldberg, Unicef Ambassador
Whoopi Goldberg
Unicef Ambassador
“Thank you Wavin. You have been at the forefront of developing systems that enable the distribution of safe and clean water. Together, we will contribute to the growth, development, well being and quality of life for many, many children”

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Ge Harmsen, Wavin Project Manager
Ge Harmsen
Wavin Project Manager
“The essentials of six years of intense Unicef cooperation have contributed to a better life for almost 100,000 children in Mali, Papua New Guinea and Nepal. The partnership provided water supply schemes, including water harvesting-, gravity-fed and reticulation systems, sanitation solutions and health education.

A fantastic contribution from all members of the Wavin family to make our world a bit more just and worthwhile living!”
Philip Houben, Wavin President & CEO
Philip Houben
Wavin President & CEO
2000 - 2010

“Over 50 years ago, the founders of Wavin introduced Europe’s first large diameter plastic pipe to solve the problem of drinking water contamination. It was an instant success and our commitment to manage scarce water resources and has continued ever since.

Today, everyone in Wavin takes pride in working closely with Unicef and Aqua for All to bring safe drinking water, hygiene education and sanitation to children in impoverished countries.”

Providing essentials

Wavin is Europe’s leading supplier of plastic pipe systems and solutions. The company is present in 26 European countries with manufacturing sites in 16 of those. Wavin is listed on Euronext Amsterdam by NYSE Euronext (WAVIN).

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