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Progress in Nepal

In November 2010, Providing Essentials for Children adopted an existing water and sanitation project in Nepal. The project, which also includes hygiene education, is almost complete.

Our efforts are helping communities, by giving them facilities and education to improve their water use, sanitation and hygiene practices.

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So far, the project:
  • Installed 32 new drinking water systems
  • Modernised an additional 32 systems
  • Set up water and sanitation committees
  • Provided hygiene education for 575 people
  • Taught 128 people how to maintain systems
At the completion of this project:
  • 84,000 will have access to sanitation facilities
  • 1.5 million will learn about sanitation and proper hygiene
  • The needs of the most vulnerable children will be addressed
At a glance

Rural population
Rural poor

Child mortality under 5 years
Child mortality under 1 year
Access to clean drinking water
Access to sanitation facilities
Boys that go to school
Girls that go to school
Adult literacy rate

29.3 million
24.1 million
8.3 million

48 children per 1000
39 children per 1000
86% (2005 - 2009)
82% (2005 - 2009)
58% (2005 - 2008)

Approximately 20% of the people in Nepal lack access to clean drinking water. A lack of clean drinking water, poor sanitation facilities and bad hygiene practices are a tremendous burden on this society.

In the last decade, these conditions were the major causes of death for an estimated 70,000 children. The children who survive are more vulnerable to malnutrition, which affects their mental and physical development.

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